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New Homes in the Country

Ault, Briggsdale, Byers, Carr, Deer Trail, Eckley, Frederick, Gill, Keenesburg, Log Lane Village, Roggen, Weldona.


Have you ever dreamed of owning a home on land? We build manufactured homes on land in northern Colorado. We have done all the hard work. We have installed the home on a permanent foundation, added utilities like electric, water, sewer, and gas, and gone through the process of building permits and inspections. There is a lot more time and detail involved, but bottom line, these homes are now complete and waiting for an owner like you! The homes are brand new and come with a builder's warranty. These homes are built with quality and value in mind, so they don't last long. We even have lenders that can help get the ball rolling. My name is Bill, and I created this website to get the word out about these homes. Please call me at 303-931-7411 and I can get you more details. Pricing, terms, and availability are subject to change without notice. Realtor commission may or may not be included and may or may not be negotiable.

Call or text Bill at: 303-931-7411 to learn more about these homes and any incentives.

Name Location Acreage +- Shop Price
Drake Ault 9.69 Yes $525,000
Emmeline Briggsdale 35 Yes $615,000
Emmeline Byers 35 Yes $645,000
Cowboy Carr 2.81 Yes $495,000
Triumph Dacono .1377 Shed $415,000
Wilder Deer Trail .154 Garage $325,000
Marvel Eckley .45 Yes $275,000
Aimee Frederick .215 No $395,000
Wave Gill 1.0 Yes $600,000
Drake Keenesburg 35 Yes $650,000
Custom Log Lane Village .16 Garage $362,500
Cowboy Lucerne .215 No $395,000
Cowboy Roggen .258 No $395,000
Drake Weldona 4.5 Yes $515,000

Hurry, some are being sold with other incentives. Please call Bill.

New Manufactured Homes On Our Lot

We also have new homes on our lot that are ready for you to buy and move. These are SALE prices! Please call Bill at 303-931-7411 for the location to view. Pricing, terms, and availability are subject to change without notice. Price does not include sales taxes, set up or transportation fees.

Name Bed/Bath Size Year Sale Price
Patriot 3/2 1549 2022 $217,090
Elation 3/2 924 2022 $75,995
Grand 4/2 1064 2022 $89,255
Custom Front Porch 3/2 1782 2022 $222,485
Vision 3/2 1216 2022 $99,875